We use ozone during routine cleanings to help to fight gum disease and promote the healing of soft tissue. It’s easily applied via gas through a control tip, or by liquid irrigation with ozonated water. When it’s used in dental cavities, it’s extremely effective in eliminating the bacteria that causes cavities. It also decreases tooth sensitivity, treats cold sores and prevents unwanted lesions. Ozone triggers a positive immune response for faster healing and, when used during surgical procedures, is a powerful disinfectant to prevent infection.



Ozone dental therapy is a great addition to most routine procedures we provide here at our dental studio. It’s a modern and proactive approach that gets to the root cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms. Ozone treatment also helps prevent tedious and expensive dental treatments, saving both time and money. It’s also an effective, natural way to reduce infection and inflammation, and is an outstanding preventative treatment to help avoid the need to undergo a root canal.


Ozone Dental Therapy FAQ

Ozone is an energized form of oxygen that helps fight diseases of the mouth by reducing harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus. It’s similar to the ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere, protecting us from harmful rays that keep us healthy. Although we naturally produce small amounts of ozone in our body, ozone as a dental treatment is an additional form of protection for our mouth that provides rejuvenation and promotes healing.

Yes. In proper indications, dosage and administation, ozone use in dentistry is considered safe. Ozone therapy in dentistry is not a new concept. It has been around, and used, for many years.

There are no side effects to ozone use in dentistry and no recovery times. Ozone is used in very precise doses in a controlled environment. There is no down time.

Ozone therapy is not FDA approved. Though this is not uncommon for innovative and modern dental approaches.

Ozone dental therapy has gone through an evolution recently. New techniques and applications allow me to provide you with the safest modern ozone dental treatments for healing, prevention, and rejuvenation. As a biological dentist, I dedicate myself to the growth and knowledge needed to give you the healthiest teeth, gums, and oral care.

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