A revolutionary
approach for diseased
or damaged teeth.

Cerec Technology provides an alternative and conservative treatment for diseased or damaged teeth. We preserve your healthy tooth structure and remove only the damaged portion using a minimally invasive approach. This may eliminate the need for a traditional crown, as same-day porcelain crowns, veneers, and fillings are possible options. Dr. Vancamp, an experienced Cerec dentist with over two decades of expertise, recommends a conservative porcelain treatment when a crown replacement isn't necessary. This saves time, ensures faster treatment, and allows you to continue with minimal interruptions.


Same day porcelain
crowns, veneers, and

Cerec is a convenient CAD/CAM system that creates porcelain crowns, veneers, and fillings in just one appointment. Using a camera, we capture 3D images of your tooth, allowing Dr. VanCamp to design a precise crown. The design is then sent to the milling computer, which crafts your restoration from a porcelain block that matches your tooth perfectly. No temporary crowns or multiple appointments. With Cerec, you get a same-day, well-fitted crown or restoration. Experience the benefits of biologically friendly and cosmetically pleasing porcelain restorations.


Cerec Crowns & Fillings FAQ

Cerec restorations last longer than most traditional fillings and crowns and are cosmetically pleasing.

Mercury amalgam fillings can cause chronic damage to your tooth that can cause it to break.

Replacing a mercury amalgam filling with Cerec porcelain restoration will help prevent root canals and chronic damage to your tooth.

CEREC® crowns are becoming more and more popular as they offer an array of benefits that traditional dental crowns do not. Cerec is a relatively newer technique.

CEREC restorations are advantageous in that they are created in just one day, reducing the number of appointments required. Additionally, they are made of ceramic materials, which is a strong and natural-looking material, thus allowing for a tooth-like restoration. Lastly, Cerec crowns reduce the potential for damage to occur. Traditional crowns leave a period of time where the patient has to wear a temporary crown for a week or so, thus making the tooth prone to damage. Because Cerec crowns are made in one appointment, this risk is eliminated.

Yes. Cerec technology has been studied and perfected over the past decade to ensure safe and safe and healthy results.

Cerec technology has been around for several decades. Cerec crowns and fillings are lasting 30 plus years. This is as long as the technology has been around. With good oral home your Cerec crown can last for decades to come. There is extreme precision in creating the restorations to make the perfect fit thus adding to the longevity. In the hands of a properly trained dental professional Cerec technology helps create crowns and fillings that are incredibly precise. So now you’re probably wondering how precise is precise? According to the experts the accuracy and fit are within microns – that’s a thousandth of a millimeter! This far exceeds what was previously considered the ‘gold standard’ tolerances in dental restoration.      

I make the most cosmetic, custom fit, and conservative restorations available. Cerec is a modern biocompatible porcelain restoration that can last decades and is the closest to your natural enamel. It avoids drilling your tooth structure away to place a traditional outdated restoration that can jeopardize the overall health of your tooth.

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