Mercury definitely should not be in your mouth as it is poisonous. The longer you have an amalgam filling in your mouth the more mercury that may accumulate in your body and cause its harmful effects. Remove them as soon as you can. We will guide you in better replacement choices.

  • Heavy metals are components in the amalgam filling which can also leak out into your blood and circulatory system. These are harmful as well. Heavy metal toxicity is harmful to your overall health.

Once heavy metals like mercury are in your system they are hard to remove and may have lasting long term harmful effects to you and your body.

  • Some people have immune systems that can handle mercury and heavy metals better than others. Some have compromised immune systems that are working overtime and the mercury tends to build up and effect them more. Why take the chance of the unknown? We already have more contaminants and pollutants in our environment for our bodies to eliminate. Why add more when there are safer treatment and removal options? Mercury and heavy metals are toxic to the body. Mercury in particular destroys protective layers of our nerves and neurons. It damages our neurological system and has been closely linked to disease like Alzheimer’s.