Live Healthy. Smile Often.
Dr. John VanCamp

Whole Health Dentistry.

Biological. Eco-friendly. Mercury-free.

It’s my philosophy & my mission. It’s founded on the overwhelming scientific evidence that links poor oral health to chronic health conditions - such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s . Come on, it's time to respect your mouth! With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, the evidence is now clear and I’ve dedicated myself to practicing and promoting this.

I take a progressive approach in what is a dull, slow-moving profession. I’m obsessed with utilizing the very latest in oral care technology, materials and techniques to improve the health, comfort and aesthetics of my patients.

In an industry that still believes it’s safe to have mercury in your mouth oftentimes, the health of the patient has been compromised to protect the health of insurance companies. I'm a mercury-free dentist and I’m out to provide a refreshing resource you can trust with your mouth and your health.

I not only want to change the mindset of when and why you visit the dentist, I’m modernizing the entire experience, so you’ll actually feel good about visiting, and not dread it.

Come on, it's time to respect your mouth and make its health a priority!

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